King Sailfish Mounts 1

When an angler catches a fish that they want to remember forever in the form of a mount, the taxidermist he or she chooses to have their fish mounted should be picked with scrutiny. Mounts are not only often expensive, but a bad mount often looks like a different fish than the one that is intended to be represented, and a bad mount often stands out at simply looking bad. All of these concerns vanish with mounts from King Sailfish Mounts.

King Sailfish Mounts 2

King Sailfish Mounts has been on the scene for a long time, and their mounts are striking in both detail and beauty. Their fiberglass saltwater (and freshwater) mounts can be made from photographs and measurements, thereby allowing an angler to both release his or her fish and also have it mounted. What’s more, the cost of these mounts won’t break the bank.

King Sailfish Mounts takes on a range of species from wahoo to roosterfish to a range of shark species.

King Sailfish Mounts 3

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