Fly Fishing the Surf

Angelo Peluso has published an excellent new book on fly fishing the surf.

Appropriately named, Fly Fishing the Surf, Peluso both offers a how-to on fly fishing the surf as well as a break down of East Coast hotspots.

From Peluso:

“New York June 1st 2013 – Skyhorse Publishing (NYC) has released a new book title by fly fisherman, angling journalist and author, Angelo Peluso. The book, Fly Fishing the Surf, is a comprehensive and essential volume dedicated to surf and wade fishing along the entirety of the East Coast, from the rugged Maine coastline to Florida’s tropical flats. This book opens up the prolific world of fly-fishing the surf to seasoned and aspiring anglers and demonstrates the enormous promise this form of angling can offer anglers of all skill levels.

A wealth of content, photographs, and images help to explore the waters of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic states, and the southeast as the book guides anglers to discover a veritable gold mine of game fish and fly-fishing opportunities. Fly Fishing The Surf covers all aspects of tackle, techniques, strategies, game fish and baitfish, flies, and destinations. It will become an invaluable addition to your arsenal of fly-fishing tackle and gear. Regardless of experience or skill level there is something for every shore-based fly angler who casts to inshore coastal game fish.”

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