Feather Brain book

Press Release:

“After nearly two years of work, I am very happy to present Feather Brain – Developing, Testing, & Improving Saltwater Fly Patterns.” says Chicone. The concept of this book is how to create saltwater fly patterns and the thought process that takes place to do so, not necessarily a how to tie this fly or that fly tutorial. Its meant to be a deep dive into “why” you should choose a given material or technique for creating custom patterns for constantly changing fishing situations and conditions. My goal is to shine a light on all the factors that must be consider to create saltwater flies that do more than look good on a website. Interviews with Fly Tying Masters like Eric Leiser, Johnny King, Bob Popovics, Chris Helm, and many more will give you a unique perspective as what factors led them to design their legendary pattens, and why they choose the materials they did and the techniques to apply them. It’s a lot to take in, but when you are done reading Feather Brian you will know how to analyze any saltwater fishing environment, selecting the right colors and materials and apply them using unique tips, tricks and techniques.”

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