Rio Tarpon

RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, is proud to introduce the new Tarpon Technical and Tarpon Short floating lines.

The Tarpon Technical is a floating line with an extended head of 60 feet that is designed for more advanced casters and ideal in calm conditions. The long head length makes this a fantastic line for pick-ups at distance and for repositioning second shot casts to traveling fish. The Tarpon Technical line is available in WF10F through WF12F line and is built on a medium stiff core featuring a hard, tropical, AgentX coating that ensures the line does not wilt in the heat. Welded loops on both ends of the line allow anglers to rig easily.

The Tarpon Short Floater has an ultra short front loaded head making this line simple to load and cast. Perfect for beginners or for fishing on cloudy days, the powerful front taper casts large, heavy flies and punches into the wind with ease. Available in WF10F through WF12F, this line also has the AgentX hard tropical coating and welded loops making it a fully featured line for tarpon anglers.