Tibor Signature Series

The Signature Series reels from Tibor are the newest offering from Tibor and include breakthrough innovation from Tibor.

As they describe the reel:

“2011 marked the 35th Anniversary of Tibor Reel Corporation, and to celebrate, Tibor introduced a revolutionary new line of reels that are the pinnacle of 35 years of designing and manufacturing the world’s finest fly fishing reels.

Signed by Master reel designer and fly fisherman Ted “Tibor” Juracsik, the elegant and efficient design of the Tibor Signature Series consists of very few parts. It features a completely ventilated spool and frame that keeps the reel cool during long, smoking runs and provides a robust incoming and outgoing clicker sound. Available in three sizes, the Tibor Signature Series delivers the same tough standards that have earned Tibor over 750 world records – more than any other fly reel.”

The Tibor Signature Series comes in weights 7-12.

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